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Re: JamMan & MIDI sysnc

Miguel wrote:
>     I am facing the following problem with JamMan, that maybe somebody
>     already solved and can give me some help.
>     An SMPTE track (from an ADAT) drives a PC with Cakewalk that sends
>     MIDI clock to JamMan. Fine, JamMan syncs properly!
>     The problem is that in the beginning of every bar and/or loop JamMan
>     introduces an audible perturbation on the sound. The silly solution I
>     found is not to play in this spot but this keeps me away from
>     continuos sounds and many other things.
>     This does not happen when Jam Man is used alone or driving the
>     computer or any other box.
>     Any clues on how to solve this?

The way I understand this is that the MIDI beat clock has a certain
"randomness" associated to it, that is each beat may be up to 1/96 or 1/128
of a second off of an absolute clock.  So, if your beats are 1 second
apart, the actual time between beats may end up being 0.99 to 1.01 seconds.
If you have a 1 second loop, the loop will get CUT OFF slightly, when the
time between beats is 0.99 seconds.  Thus, when the time between beats is
1.01 seconds, there will be a .02 second gap, or glitch.  It seems to me,
there is no way to resolve this. Any ideas?
- Chris

AVIRIS Experiment Coordinator
Lab:   (415) 604-2170
Pager: (888) 415-4547