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Re: a/b switcher

Andrew wrote:
>Can I use an A/B switch , or a line selector (like that made by Boss)
>to send the speaker out signal of my amp to either A) the speaker
>in the amp or B) to a Palmer speaker emulator and on to a mixer
>with looping gear. The words 'large footswitchable device' were
>used by Mr. Torn to describe the thing he uses to switch off the send
>to his amp speaker, and I think he was using the line out of the
>amp to go to the mixer.  I always find the line outs on amps to sound
>a bit fizzy, due to their pre output tube send, so I'm trying to get 
>this with the above idea.

An A/B switch should work, as long as it can handle the current.  I've been
using a similar setup with a THD hot plate.  Just be sure that (if your amp
is a tube amp) that you always have a load on the amp, whether it is from
the speaker or the emulator.

Are you sure your amp line-out is pre-power-tubes?  (I think) on my amp,
the line out is after the power tubes but before the output transformer.
- Chris