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Re: a/b switcher

On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, andrew wrote:

> Can I use an A/B switch , or a line selector (like that made by Boss)
> to send the speaker out signal of my amp to either A) the speaker
> in the amp or B) to a Palmer speaker emulator and on to a mixer 
> with looping gear. The words 'large footswitchable device' were
> used by Mr. Torn to describe the thing he uses to switch off the send 
> to his amp speaker, and I think he was using the line out of the 
> amp to go to the mixer.  I always find the line outs on amps to sound
> a bit fizzy, due to their pre output tube send, so I'm trying to get 
> this with the above idea.

Couple of things come to mind -- first, in the Homespun vid, I believe 
that Torn said he'd had his Rivera amp custom-modded so that the speaker 
could be switched on or off, while maintaining the load.  As someone else 
mentioned, be careful if you're using a tube amp, because if the amp 
isn't hooked up to a speaker (or a load resistor, or a simulator with a 
built-in load), then you'll blow the thing up.  (Disregard this warning 
if that is in fact the result you're looking for...)