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Re: looped music/web

Hi all,

I recently possed the following question to Headspace about their new audio
Netscape plug-in called Beatnik.

>It is my understanding that due to the way MCI controls work on PCs, it
>is possible for a large audio file to "repeat" with a short gap of
>silence instead of "loop" seamlessly with the end of the file imediately
>joined to the begining.  Is there a way to bypass the MCI controls in
>this situation and create a seamless playback of a loop on a PC using
>the Beatnik plug-in?

This was the encouraging response:

"Beatnik does not use any of the MCI playback devices on the PC.  Rather,
Beatnik is a software synthesizer that allows us to bypass the MCI
connection to the soundcard and frees us from any restrictions imposed by
the MCI.  This feature enables Beatnik to sound and operate EXACTLY the
same on every platform, regardless of sound card quality.  In addition, 
offers one of the most robust API's available - giving the user COMPLETE
control over virtually every aspect of the sound/song file.  By bypassing
the MCI, we have made these controls the same on every platform, giving
the user an unprecidented amount of control over their work."

support@headspace.com                           http://www.headspace.com

Has anyone tried playing back seamless loops from a PC using this plug-in?


Hayden Porter