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roland ms-1 sampler

hey loopers

Anyone interested in a Roland MS-1 phrase sampler?? A neat little digital
sampler/ loop device - it allows sampling up to 44.1 kHz - and with an 
memory card (special pcm-cia cards) a max of 50 mins sampling is available 
It's got 8 pads on the front so you can trigger the samples directly or 
a keyb, gtr, drum pad, etc. 

sounds can be set up as single trigger or loops , and you can record
sequences. Included - 500 sound sampling CD. This unit is from last year,
but i see it out there for $399-479

This one is brand new, in the box with all papers, etc. - used at one gig. 

$250 C.O.D Ups, RPS, FEDex or whatever

email me direct