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Re: not so Ambient

At 7:43 AM -0400 7/28/97, Ian///Shakespace wrote:
>hmm, well, lurking no more... hi i'm Ian, 24, and i'm a looper.

Hi Ian, welcome to Looper's Anonymous!

sorry  ;-)

>do mostly solo "electronica" (ranging from ambient soundscape stuff to
>laswell-inspired dub to "jungle") that also relies on many kinds of loops.

>hmm.. my main studio loopers for electronic stuff are a boss DD-3 pedal 
>a Digitech 4-second "time machine". and with the use of a constant beat,
>i've found it quite easy not only to lock up the delays to the tempo of a
>given track, but utilising fx sends and levels and quick cuts, to build
>intense rhythmic loops within the delay.

I'd like to hear more about what you are doing here and how you do it. I've
been experimenting in a rather limited fashion with putting sequence
pattern stuff into synced loops and delays and mucking about with
crossfading and feedback and such. Things like reversing the loop or
looping only piece of the sequence and crossfading back and forth with the
original got me some interesting results. Certainly made the lame drum
machine patterns a lot more interesting! I'd like to do more of this, what
are some techniques you use?


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