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Re: not so Ambient

>Hi Ian, welcome to Looper's Anonymous!
>sorry  ;-)
no no, glad someone caught that... :-)

>been experimenting in a rather limited fashion with putting sequence
>pattern stuff into synced loops and delays and mucking about with
>crossfading and feedback and such.
too many possibilites, eh? yeah this is something i need to get more into,
but the limited capabilitise of my mixer make it prohibitve at this point.
oh, for the want of a 1604...

>Things like reversing the loop or
Ah, one thing i wish i had in real time (but i love my ESi for it... more
on this in a sec.)

> Certainly made the lame drum
>machine patterns a lot more interesting!
the syncopation you can get from delays is really great, unlike anything
you would ever think to program in the first place. I'll do this to figure
out what i'd like the drum sequence to sound like sometimes...

>I'd like to do more of this, what
>are some techniques you use?
OKay well i feel like the perfesser or something. Um, i'll deal with the
glorious 800ms DD3 since its my main tool. of course this is all pretty
easily extrapolated to other delays....

I've got the delay on the aux send of my mixer, with the outs (the DD3 has
dry and effect outs) returned on channels. Running the drum machine through
(feedback minimised) i'll find a suitable delay setting. Usually,
everything is running from MIDI clocked from my Mac. Anyway, sequnce
playing. pull everything out of the delay line and get a clean path, then
crank the feedback. using the aux faders on the individual instruments'
channels, add little things to the delay line. Since the delay is
complementary to the drums, everything should be kosher. Keep a finger on
the feedback control, just in case something gets out of hand. Should I get
something really grooving, the DD3 has a "hold" function where it'll
infinitely loop whatever is in memory. I guess made for guitarists to solo
over a 800ms rhythm guitar chord... whatever, i'll dump the loop into the
ESi and keep it running there, clear out the delay line and keep building.

I dunno, its just a feel thing, i guess. mainly dropping stuff in from the
auxes and keeping what works. lots of time with headphones on....

um, more will come to me certainly, but i'd love to hear about some of your
particular techniques...