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enticing subjects part 1

Jim asks,

>Has anyone done any amazing pieces using nothing but cardboard boxes?

I've done it a couple of years ago in one of my rare non-guitar pieces <g>.
It wasn't cardboard boxes exclusively, but they played the solo. No
kidding! The voice was doubled by a plastic box.

I took the empty open box (without its lid), put it upside down on a very
smooth stony surface, and moved it along, pressing a little which produced
a sad, unstable sound a little bit like a muffled trumpet. For a few
seconds I could produce a stable pitch which then broke into pieces. Very
interesting! I put that into my sampler, cut off the beginning, and voila!
I had a breathtaking new solo voice. The squeaking plastic box was even
better (it made my hair stand on end). The most interesting part of the
voices was the ending with the stable pitch breaking apart into a howling
Michael Peters   
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