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Re: Fwd: Re: Echoplex upgrade

>so does this mean that the upgrad is not user installable?

I think they are selling a user installable version, but I'm not totally
sure. Sometimes there are liability problems with that sort of thing. It's
just a couple of eproms to pop into sockets, so it's pretty simple. Maybe
you can get it through a dealer. You might want to ask Dean about that.

I think if you send it in they make sure all the hardware is working right
and any engineering changes that have been made get done on your unit. So
maybe it's a pretty good deal; you get more than just the software that 

>also , is
>there any way to fix one part of an led that isn`t working?...in the # on
>the far right where the time counts while making a loop , part of that #
>doesn`t light....anyone?

You probably should just replace it. If you are handy with a soldering iron
and can find a seven segment LED that matches the one in there, it's not
too difficult. Otherwise, maybe its a thing to have Oberheim do if you send
it in for the upgrade.


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