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Re: LOOPING PHILOSOPHY (ad infinitum)

I'm not going to bother replying to all the megabytes this thread has
generated. In some sense I'd like to, and I'm sure I'd enjoy flaming Andre
into a whimpering cinder, but I don't even have time to read it all let
alone reply! So I guess it's a debate I lose by attrition...:-)

It all begs one question, really. And I guess this is the main reason I'm
not motivated to get into such a discussion. Simply, what is the purpose?

When you try to debate the validity of one means of creative expression
versus another, what are you really trying to do? It seems to me that there
is another level to the discussion, a larger motivation. What would be the
goal of winning such a debate? If you successfully prove to the world that
one means of expression is inferior, what would your next step be?

And why is it that the PurestFormOfCreativity is always, by some
coincidence, remarkably similar to that of it's proponent in the debate?
Have you ever seen such a discussion where someone vigorously argued that
their own artistic methods were clearly inferior to all the rest?

I think the most difficult step in such a process is the one where you step
out of the debate and out of yourself, look back in, and question your own
motivations. Tough questions to ask yourself, and you need to do it
honestly. I know, I've had to do it plenty of times! You have to deal with
your own ego, and your confidence in yourself, and the inherent fear of
self-expression. And if you're like me, you'll be left still ashamed of
comments made 12 years ago that only you remember.

The question of which artistic method is most creative and experessive,
which holds the greatest validity, has no answer. It's a pointless and
self-serving argument. These debates have raged through artistic and
academic communities for all eternity, and they never end in a positive
growth. More like isolation, alienation, suspicion. The world is not black
and white, its full of a whole spectrum of color. And: a full range of
sounds! There is no right way to create. There is no wrong way. No better
way, no worse way. Just other ways. Different colors and sounds.

When we come across someone using a different method than our own, let's
not take the path of boosting ourselves by putting them down. See it as an
opportunity to learn. How does their method help them to express
themselves? What are their artistic goals? How do they get there? What can
we learn from that? Let's use the opportunity we have here to gain from
each other.

....one sermon and a couple of rants. My quota is filled for the week.....


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