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Re: Midi standards

Matt McCabe wrote:

> And this works fine *if* you have a *dedicated* foot controller for the
> JamMan.  If you already own a foot controller that was designed, 
> to change patches on another effects processor (case in point, the 
> and Control One foot controller) you are out of luck if you desire to use
> the controller to control *both* units simultaneously.  Granted, you 
> use the controller if you don't mind changing patches on the 2101
> everything you punch in and out of a loop -- but this isn't the best
> arrangement.  In fact, it sucks.

Actually, there is a relatively simple solution.  For about $275
used, you can buy a JL Cooper MSB+ Rev2.  This pup can store 75 separate 
midi presets.  It can filter midi messages, merge 'em, bump 'em (and
em?)  One preset could send program change from foot controller to
only, while another sends programs change only to the Jamman.  Simple!

Now the _real_ challenge comes when trying to control 2 Jammans with one 
foot controller.  

BTW, the MSB+ is a 1U box that has 8 midi ins and 8 midi outs for
control of your midi routing.  I've outgrown mine.  I now use JL
Synapse, a 2U box with 16 midi ins and 20 midi outs.

Anybody want to buy a used MSB+ for $150?  (Why should I hoard mine?)

Keep looping,
Jonathan Brainin

PS., I'd much prefer to control my Jammans with CC or than with Program
Change messages.  Much easier to avoid conflict between different