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Re: Midi standards

At 09:48 PM 8/4/97 -0400, see my signature wrote:
>Actually, there is a relatively simple solution.  For about $275
>used, you can buy a JL Cooper MSB+ Rev2.  This pup can store 75 separate 
>midi presets.  It can filter midi messages, merge 'em, bump 'em (and
>em?)  One preset could send program change from foot controller to
>only, while another sends programs change only to the Jamman.  Simple!

1 - so you need another footpedal to change the MSB+ presets which will
redirect your primary midi controller pedal appropriately to the GSP or

2 - forgetting about the above point, for the money you may as well buy a
dedicated program change footpedal for the jamguy and keep it on its own
MIDI chain