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Re: Midi standards

Sean Echevarria wrote:
> At 09:48 PM 8/4/97 -0400, see my signature wrote:
> >Actually, there is a relatively simple solution.  For about $275
> >new/$150
> >used, you can buy a JL Cooper MSB+ Rev2.  This pup can store 75 separate
> >midi presets.  It can filter midi messages, merge 'em, bump 'em (and
> >grind
> >em?)  One preset could send program change from foot controller to
> >GSP2101
> >only, while another sends programs change only to the Jamman.  Simple!
> 1 - so you need another footpedal to change the MSB+ presets which will
> redirect your primary midi controller pedal appropriately to the GSP or
> jamman?

I dunno.  I personally find no problem using my index finger on the 
switches on the faceplate.  (Although I could use one of the 3 Fatar
footswitches I've got laying around for scrolling presets also.)

> 2 - forgetting about the above point, for the money you may as well buy a
> dedicated program change footpedal for the jamguy and keep it on its own
> MIDI chain

Not practical at all for my rig.  

I use a Roland GP-100 controlled by a Roland FC-200 foot controller.
The same foot controller controls both of my Jammans as well as my
Eventide GTR4000 _and_ my pair of Soundsculpture Studio Swichblades.
The JL Cooper boxes make this possible.  I've got 12 different midi 
devices (13 if I include my computer.)  A MSB+ or a Synapse is an
absolute requirement for keeping them all functioning as I wish.

(I've thought about multiple foot controllers but floor space is 

However, if you've got a simple midi rig, a PC only pedalboard works
great with the Jamman.  

What do you do though when you have more than one Jamman?  
(Aside from giving one to someone who does not yet possess one.)