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Re: tyrannical ambient front

> At 5:33 PM 8/4/97, Sarajane wrote:
> >Caution: The following remarks are by a card carrying member
> >of the "Tyrannical Ambient Front". Those easily offended by the
> >lack of respect given to tradional musical logic, should avert their
> >gaze now................or read on, and gather new scorn.

And at 1:12 PM 8/5/97, Dave Trenkel <improv@peak.org> emitted:

> Aha, the ambient mafia reveals itself! No one expects the ambient

Well, actually, NO.  It should be as thus (...Biggles!):

     "Noone can discern (or chooses to ignore) the ambient inquisition!"

Sorry, I think the current weight of subject quotient requires comedic
relief in droves...!  But I think the true nature of 'ambiance as we think
we know it' is actually a Subjective Thing when attemptedly applied to
anyone else but yourself.  Some folks like it, some don't, and some don't
appreciate it enough to even know what it is.  Or perhaps it's like David
Byrne coined in the film "True Stories":

     "Do you like music?  I know - most people SAY they do..."

Which could be a zen item on its own.  Yes?

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