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Re: My Looping Rig

  Wonderful sounding rig, I'd like to hear it sometime if I could.  My
setup also fits in a four space skb accept for the midi foot controller and
of course the guitar...  I also play Steinberger, Mine is a GL2T.  I
believe it's also from the mid 80s.  It's nice to hear from other
Steinberger players...  Anyway, just thought I'd say "hi" and respond...
Have a nice day...



At 10:02 AM 3/3/98 -0600, you wrote:
>In my solo loop performances I use a  1984 Steinberger GL-2 guitar (with a
>fixed bridge!). I tune the guitar in straight 5ths: A  E  B  F#  C#  G#.
>This gives me nearly a five octave range from the open  A   to the   G#  
>the 24th fret. I've also modified the electonics in the guitar, replacing
>the EMG pickups with passive, and adding the ability to select the
>individual coils within each pickup (all without drilling a single hole).
> The guitar's signal goes into an Ensoniq DP/4+, which is an amazing
>resource of tonal oddity. I worked with Ensoniq as a consultant to develop
>the DP/4+, and spent about 6 months working with Jon Dattorro on the new
>distortion algorhythms which became "Guitar Amp 4" and "Digital Tube Amp".
>These simulations have tremendous touch response and are modeled after my
>favorite class A tube amp.
>I split the DP/4+ into two 2-unit processors. The signal flow is from the
>guitar to DSP A, in series with DSP B, the output of which goes to my
>Lexicon Jam-man. The output of the Jam-man goes into the DP/4+ DSP C and 
>usually in series but often in a feedback configuration. 
>The first 2 DSPs in the DP4/+ are used for my pre-loop processing, and 
>created presets using amps, 'TC-Sustainor" emulations, ring-modulation,
>filters, octave-fuzzes, modulation delays, harmonizers, a guitar tuner,
>etc. These sounds are captured in the Jam-Man. The last 2 DSPs in the 
>Are post loop processing, and are usually the overall ambience of the
>performance, often employing 3D imaging tricks.
> The pre and post processing are independantly selected by my Rolls "Midi
>Wizard" using mapped program changes. It also controls the Jam-Man. I use 
>CV pedal to modulate the DP/4+. The Rolls is phantom powered through the
>MIDI cable.
>The entire setup is mounted in a 4-space SKB rack with a 1-space connector
>panel for the MIDI, CV, and audio interfacing. Since the connections are
>all on the front, I leave the rear lid on the SKB and set it face-up on 
>stage, which allows me to clearly see the displays.
> Setup and soundcheck take less than five minutes, and I can usually
>carry-on my entire rig, including the Steinberger, when flying as they 
>fit in an overhead compartment.
>-Chuck Zwicky