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Re: slagging (was Re: Stick stuff)

          You must mean "Yawny", not Yanni...  lol...



At 04:17 PM 3/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
>At 06:42 PM 3/4/98 +0000, tbajus wrote:
>>> he was the sort of player who exerts powerful anti-spouse forces on
>>> the audience, causing serious relationship conflicts among all couples
>>> present.  
>>Is there any other kind?  Of all of the stunningly beautiful, completely
>>liberated, PhD toting, Kafka reading, sexually depraved women I have
>>gone out with, I am hard pressed to find any musical common ground.
>Ah. You must come to realize that this is all completely your problem and
>you must adapt. My advice is: Learn to enjoy Tori Amos. When you can sit
>through 6 Tori shows in a row without complaining, you will have attained 
>higher level of relationship success. It's not too hard, you just have to
>ignore the lyrics and take notice of the nice improvisational interplay 
>has between piano and vocal melody. The light show is usually pretty good,
>too. Once you have managed this, you will have some chance of convincing 
>SO to attend concerts of your favorite avant-loop artist, and she might 
>pretend to enjoy it. Of course, if your girlfriend is a huge Yanni fan,
>there may be no hope. Good luck,
>(if you think my relationship advice is worth anything, I've got some 
>investment opportunities I'd like to discuss with you....)
>Kim Flint                     408-752-9284
>Mpact System Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
>Chromatic Research             http://www.chromatic.com