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Re: new kid on the block

  Hello Thomas, nice to have you back on the list.  Don't worry if a
question seems silly, I'm sure that there will be some of us here who will
be glad to answer them...  Hope to speak with you soon...



At 11:07 PM 3/4/98 +0100, you wrote:
>         a 20 year  old norwegian. I was
> "The
>Tape Echo Boy That Didn`t Have a Looping  Device- But Yearned and Wished 
>"  After a while  of hanging out on the list (sans looping
>   unsubscribed. And within weeks of leaving the
>     So , after puttering with   while I decided to get back on the list
>and try  to
>       So , here I am. Ready to spew out lame and simple
>question that you got  past years ago. Those of you who are thinking that
> ""  I am an  idiot
>" " ,
>""""      I got the vortex
>   haven`t got the footswithces
>   to get them working. Is
>     There , this is a typiacal
> >from my part. If this will be a problem I hope
>  get warmed up I`ll probably explode in a
>                    norway