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Re: Kim's Musical "Anti-Spouse Forces Theorem"

>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>From: Goddess <thefates@concentric.net>
>Subject: Re:  Kim's Musical "Anti-Spouse Forces Theorem"
>In-Reply-To: <faa1bde8.3501bf4b@aol.com>
>  You know, it's really making me uncomfortable to be present on this list
when all I'm hearing lately is "my girl friend does or doesn't do this", or
the implication that all women love Tori or something like "yuck!  girl
germs!".  This type of thing is really getting irritating.  Did it ever
occur to those of you who are complaining about your partners to a mailing
list of people across the world who you don't even know, to get to know the
people whom you're dating before you started dating them?  If these issues
are really as important to you as you've been saying, then you might
consider doing something about it.  The fact that I am a woman doesn't stop
me from liking or performing many different types of music and creative
expression.  I enjoy music which I think is music of quality, whether it is
in a major or minor key, in an "odd" time signature and so on...  Many of
my close friends like very similar music and art...  We do exist!  we are
out here!  we are quite a bit more plentiful than you think...   

Now, since I was hoping that this thread was pretty much on it's way out
and because I favor Kim's suggestion to leave this and move on to the
"future loop music" topic, I'll not speak on this again unless someone
addresses me personally.  



  At  8:24:19 AM, Tom wrote:
>>>Face it - some of the stuff that we like just makes people want
>>>to be far away.
>>I can sum it up in one sentence- My girlfriend hates anything in minor 
>>microtones, and odd meters. She even hates the one bend Steve Howe plays 
>>"I've Seen All Good People!"