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Re: Setup Time for Loop Rig

  It usually takes me about ten minutes or so to set up my gear.  I keep my
cables and peddals in a bag with different compartments so I can get to
them easily and quickly.  I have a four space skb rack which holds all of
my processors and an art x-15 foot controller which deals with the midi
aspect of things.  I usually go direct to a board or a PA for my sound,
however, if I need to, I have a single two space rack with an Allesis RA
100 power amp and two 12 inch tube works cabs which are also pretty
compact.  I like to travel small and light if I can...  Oh, by the way, the
bag with the compartments makes breaking down a heck of a lot easier as



At 04:58 PM 3/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
> I was wondering how long it takes everyone to set up at a gig with their
>looping rig- anyone have any time/space saving advice???
>Dave Eichenberger