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loops and video? and future looping...

  I did a project years ago which combined loop music with video, though it
was never finished due to some extenuating circumstances, the concept and
workingresult came off much better than we'd expected.  I think loops and
video can work wonderfully together.  I've toyed with the idea for quite
some time off putting together a performance which involved loop music,
video or slides with dance and/or performance art.  I got this idea after
opening for Jilly Smithe who did a wonderful spoken-word performance with
slides and musical accompaniment.  I was really bothered that I couldn't
move around or dance during some of the loops as I was "leashed" to my
equiptment.  As far as the direction of looping is concerned, I think it
may involve more combinations of musical styles which weren't previously
put together as fusion has done.  I also see it branching out into other
musical styles as well which it is already doing.  The instrumentation is
also becomming more and more diverse, and I think this will only continue.
Couple these ideas with multi-media and movement, and we really have a lot
to look forward to...



At 08:40 PM 3/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
>buzzard wrote:
>>Well... people have talked before about the
>possibility of visual accompaniment for loops...
>I've always been pretty down on the idea because
>visual looping pretty much has to be static
>(I think video feedback might be more analogous)...
>but there _is_ an industry of visual "loops" [1]...
>so if you really want we could connect this
>topic back to looping I'm sure...<
>Hey, our band sometimes plays with a video *scratcher* 
>who mixes his stuff on top of our music. He works with 
>pre-recorded cut-up videos and "blends" them together.
>Anybody else doing this? Interestingly, people come up 
>to us after the show saying that they understood 
>all sorts of symbolic stuff etc. - none of which was intended.
>It seems that *loopy* music fits really well with videos - I
>hope that it has nothing to do with said auduence's 
>substance abuse/ overuse. People just make their own 
>associations between image and sound - fascinating.