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Upgraded echoplex arrivals in Europe (and more...)

The people at Gibson just told me it may be another 3 weeks before the new
upgraded Echoplexes reach Europe. I ordered mine 7 weeks ago, and I'm 
problems killing off the waiting time. My Ensoniq Dp2 3.6 sec delay/looper
and Boss pedals (2 sec) just don't do it for me anymore, I guess. This
actually might make me go mad, you know. Any suggestions as for how to make
my life seem meaningful playing the guitar the next 3 weeks?
Oh, and by the way! How come nobody ever mentions the music of Robert
Hampson/ MAIN on this list? You'd think the guitar freaks on this list 
be obsessed by some of his recordings, like the "Firmament 3" record (not
"hz", I hate that one).Wether or not you like the music of Main (Hampson),
he truly is able to make interesting sounds come out of his guitars- The
same thing goes for former Spacemen3 guitarist Sonic Boom. 
-Just wondering-
Erik (NOrway)