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Loop performance listings

Ok loopers-

I've just added a new section to the web site for finding listings of
upcoming Looping performances. The page is located here:


Basically it's a self-operated deal. The page has a link to the Musi-cal
musical event database, which maintains worldwide listings of musical
performances. The webmaster of Musi-Cal kindly added a category just for
us, "looping." So when someone clicks on the link at Looper's Delight, it
does a search at Musi-Cal for any performances with the "looping" category.
If you want your performances to appear on such a search, all you have to
do is go to the Musi-Cal site and enter it in their database:


There are also links on the performances page to the area on Musi-cal where
you enter your performance info. So get on over there and enter your
performances in the database! It'll only work if you use it!

[the musi-cal webmaster was a little unconvinced that "looping" actually
qualified as a proper category of performance rather than a sort of
technique, and I'm not sure that I disagree with that point of view. I
certainly wasn't very convincing, but neither of us sees any harm in
describing performances that way. I guess it will become meaningful if we
use it. So go nuts!]


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