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RE: Looper's Delight takes a technical leap forward!

>I just noticed that the link to "looper's delight" 
>is broken on the subpages. 
>You've got it going up one level too far. 

Oh. Please correct them, and I'll correct them here for the next version.
(Already got 1 new entry today.)

>Any progress on getting that web form figured out? 

no, I haven't looked into it yet, but I've asked Chris Chovit and he said
he'd try to find a way to do it.

Actually, it occurred to me this morning that the profiles page - which
will continue to grow and grow - is a perfect candidate for a database. A
database in combination with an entry form, once set up, would make it far
easier to maintain the data, and even easier to read and find data.

Programming databases is my speciality, that's what I'm living on, and I'm
currently busy finishing a yellow-pages-online like company information
site which is basically the same thing as a looping-musicians-information

Do you know if there is a database engine running on the annihilist server
which we could use? While it would probably be possible for me to set up
such a database on my company's server (I'm in charge of the servers and
the programming, and this thing wouldn't be very large), I think it would
be better to have it all together on the annihilist server. OTOH, I could
use existing technology (MS SQLServer with a WebDBC interface) on my
company's server and more or less copy much of my existing code (database,
forms and all), while on your UNIX server everything would be unfamiliar to
me. Let me know what you think.
Michael Peters   
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