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Re: RE: Ambient effects -- something wild and crazy, please!

>Looking for something extreme in terms of signal processing? One 
>and a favorite toy of mine is a Ring Modulator (in my case a old EH 

Just this weekend I tried out the Boss Bass Synthesizer pedal (which was 
going for about $225).  It's aimed at bassists, but you can get all sorts 
of head-turning, room-clearing sound out of it.  I didn't have the 
manual, but it had ten or so modes, a few were auto-wah, some were "vowel 
sounds", the rest were marked "internal sound" or something similiar.  It 
had a mix control, resonance, frequency, sensitivity controls.  I don't 
know what they did technically, but I played around with it, just with a 
guitar plugged into it and then into an amp, and I got all sorts of 
bizzare shit out of it.  Particulary good if you play a chord and watch 
it try to figure out what notes to play.  For instant "what the hell is 
that?" impact, I don't think you can beat it.