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RE: RE: Ambient effects -- something wild and crazy, please!

>Travis - I tried the bass synth a few months ago and felt it was just
>lots of the same sound with slightly different clothes on.  Maybe I
>should give the thing another try!
>Thanks for the tip.

I got the same impression the first time I heard our bassist try it out.  
I had to sit with it for a half hour, cranking the knobs every which way 
to try and get a feel for what it could do.  
My impression was that it could do about three sounds with different 
variations on each.  Again, I was playing just a guitar straight into it, 
into an amp set either clean or distorted.  I'm positive that if I used 
it with my rig, I could get all sorts of truly wonderful things 
(particularly with some sort of compression/sustain in front of the unit, 
driving a Whammy Pedal).