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Re: RE: Ambient effects -- something wild and crazy, please!

Without a doubt, the Eventide H3000D/SE, or other Eventide products.
Expensive yes,
but worth it.  You'll use it for years and years and never get tired of it.
 Clean and quiet with hundreds of very easily changed effects.  If you like
to warp things out extensively, this is it.   Others worth mentioning:  the
Lexicon PCM 80, extreme quality with enough tweaking possibilities to keep
you interested forever.  Another great thing is Lexicons' thoughtfulness in
including a PCM/CIA card slot.  Altho these cards cost about a hundred
dollars for blanks, you can store hundreds of sounds in them.  Almost a
thousand if memory serves.  Also, Lexicon makes cards with new algorithms
that add new features to the unit, as well as program cards.  First rate.
 Another great one is the Sony V77.  Very easy to program and excellent
quality.  Not cheap but you won't ever be bored with it.  Another is the
Roland SDE 330 Dimensional Space Delay.  One of the best delay units made.
 Yup, these are my faves, but the Eventide is definitely at the top of my

Jim      Portland  OR