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Guitar good, DJ's bad, etc (was LOOPING PHILOSOPHY)

> Why is it that in rock music, there's an acute shortage of "keyboard 
> heroes", in the same sense that say, Jeff Beck is a guitar hero?  How 
> many breathtaking solos can you recall that were generated by something 
> with a piano-keyboard interface?

Keith Emerson?
Hell, he even smashes the keyboard up at the end of the gig!

Failing that, no.  there's a limit to how cool you can look sitting down, 
and no, upright controllers don't count.

Fave kbd solo in a rock song? "Incommunicado", Marillion.

> Will say, Art of Noise records be referred back to in twenty years in 
> same way that Cream records are?  

Only if there's any justice left.


(sig on holiday)