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Re: Travis' comments: Cream et. al.

Travis said:

> Will say, Art of Noise records be referred back to in twenty years in the
> same way that Cream records are?
Interesting question. Probably not, but I think that has more to do with
timing than anything else. Remember when it was possible to stay aware
of most major rock releases and even to buy a good proportion of them
(at least when you include your friends)? That's when Disraeli Gears
came out. By the time the Art of Noise came out, the record title glut
was well underway. Regardless of relative merits, but this gave the
Cream record a far higher historical visibility.

> No instrument can do everything.  It is not an admission of weakness or a
> lack of vision to concede this.

Well put.
> Why is it that it's "Guitar *Player* Magzine", and "Bass *Player*
> Magazine", and then "Keyboard Magazine"?  Why no "Keyboard *Player*
> Magazine"?

I don't know. You must have a theory and expect us to understand
implicitly what that is by now, but it's a mystery to me.

> Do you suspect that I'm a Guitar Bigot, or just trying to cause trouble?

I would prefer the latter, given a choice.

Yours truly,
Warren Sirota aka "Mr. Cozmik Perspektiv"
musician, programmer, writer