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Re: Guitar good, DJ's bad, etc (was LOOPING PHILOSOPHY)

T.W. Hartnett wrote:
> >> > There's no "Eruption", that I know of, in the keyboard world--a 
> >> > moment which changed the way the instrument, and the role of the
> >> > instrument would be viewed for the next decade.
> >>
> >> Actually, there was an 'Eruption' of the Keyboard world...the first 
> >> on ELP's 'Tarkus' album, and unlike VH's, this one's in 5.
> >> Dave
> >>
> >There is also Eddie Jobson's "Presto Vivace" from his UK days.
> >An amazing piece.
> >    Doug Michael
> Now I'm confused--is the ELP piece actually called "Eruption"?
> Is this, and the UK piece, considered a piece of music so influential to
> the keyboard world that teenagers play it to the considerable annoyance
> of music shop staff, family, and neighbors, or are these just pieces that
> you're pointing out as noteworthy keyboard statements that you personally
> enjoy?
> Travis

Yes, the piece on Tarkus is actually called 'Eruption'.
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