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Electronica Solos

>> Someone, I believe it was Kim, said that he enjoyed the more ego-free 
>> attitude in dance/electronic music, and while I'm opposed to excessive 
>> ego in any field, I've never been entirely convinced of the stance of  
>> synth humility.  The whole "all solos are masturbatory, boring and 
>> needless" is as groundless as "all dance music is boring, repititive 
>> needless".  I'd prefer that guitarists have less self-importance, and 
>> keyboard players have more, to reach a happy mean.  Although, as far as 
>> can tell, the Age of Shred has been gone for some years now, and the 
>> guitarist who wishes to flount his technical ability needs to go to the 
>> independent labels that cater to metal.
>> Please, keyboard players, speak up.
>Might I suggest the keyboardists in electronica _do_ solo, but not in the
>way you'd expect to hear them?

For now, I'll say that a "solo" is a instrumental statement by one person 
in a group context, which clearly says "I have the ball!", and this point 
is not contested by the other musicians.  The focus of attention shifts 
to the performer in question for the duration of the solo.  A statement 
is made with a beginning, a middle, and an end.  There is no question as 
to whether or not a "solo" is occurring.  When in doubt, the soloist is 
the guy who's playing the loudest.

If you can point out such occurences in electronica, please provide 
specific track examples.  Again, I'm not denying that these things exist, 
I'm just asking for someone to provide examples for my education, and 
further discussion.