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 On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Michael Pycraft Hughes, PhD wrote:
> Yes, but a guitarst on his own is pretty imited.  There aren't many solo
> electric guitar peices worth listening to. 

Now wait a minute!  While I won't wholly disagree with the second statement
- and I hope I'm not in THAT group - a pat statement like the first one is
too general to ever apply to reality.

I admit I'm chugging away and creating this stuff on an ongoing basis,
without other than good reviews from the published work so far; and ALL of
it can't be great.  There are few soloists I like listening to myself. 
Personally, from a looping standpoint, I love being able to have the system
at home, ready for me to sit down and create a texture, and let it run for
hours.  I decided to take this path towards performance because I believed
that the music has lots of places to go, and that a lot of people haven't
heard it yet.  Maybe it's the way I do it.  Maybe not!

But I had to rebut that comment at least.  Ahenh.!

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