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Recommended DJs/Electronica (Was: Re: LOOPING PHILOSOPHY (condensed))

Okay, I'm gonna try again.

In an earlier post, in response to Kim Flint, I wrote:

> >'Kay, my mind's open... Show me any example of a DJ's work that can make
> >me feel like, say, Ry Cooder's solo on "Lipstick Sunset" or Amos
> >Garrett's on "Midnight at the Oasis"-- please!

And Kim responded with a laundry list of artists whose work "really
turned my head around and opened up new ideas," and which "really
mattered to me".

If I had far more time and money than I have, I'd gladly check out each
of Kim's suggestions.  But I have practically no money even to buy work
by artists I _know_ I like, and little time even for my own music.

I've tried to educate myself by watching MTV and BET, but became so
distracted and disgusted by the raps that I gave up.  What remains of my
life is too short to willingly subject myself to racism and sexism, and
after living in an inner city for longer than most of the rappers have
been alive, I already know how bad it is.

What I'd really like are the names of one or two or three albums which
clearly display the work of a virtuoso DJ, unobscured by raps, vocals,
or other musicians.  Is this asking too much?
John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)