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Re: No, No, No -- You're wrong. Actually,the World's Best Instrumen t is...

David Kirkdorffer wrote:
> Excellent!  We've started a really stupid and pointless thread in our
> Looping tappistry!

I totally agree. 
> P.S.  John P. -- my posting is not directed at you specifically, but to
> answer a question you asked -- here is a listing of some bassoon solos
> and bassoon music...
> International Double Reed Society
> Library Holdings - Music: Solo Bassoon

             [lengthy list snipped]

Look how many of these titles are studies, methods, or orchestral
excerpts.  I'm not aware of any bassoon virtuoso/composer comparable to
Liszt, Paganini, or Bach, to name just a few who were known as much for
their performing ability as for their compositions.

Ob looping:  It occurs to me, though, that with a 'Plex or 'Rang and
maybe a Whammy Pedal at his/her disposal, a bassoonist could find the
playing field today a lot closer to level.
John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)