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Magazines (Was: Re: Travis' comments: Cream et. al.)

T.W. Hartnett wrote, in part:
> That said, GP seems to have been dumbed down in recent years, reflecting
> the declining interest in the technical aspects of guitar playing in pop
> music.

"Seems"?  SEEMS?

I let my subscription lapse after they dropped Warren Sirota's column
and turned it into a magazine about art direction... I resubscribed when
the content seemed to improve and they offered a really cheap deal,
figuring it was worth it just for the record reviews.  But when it ran
out again a few months back, I had a couple issues still unread.

It's truly a shame that a major music information resource such as GP
was ten years ago should become such a piece of crap.

The good side of GP's decline, for me, was the realization that, since
my interests were apparently so narrow that they no longer warranted
coverage in a paper publication, I'd have to get Internet access.  My
very first Web search was for the keywords "MIDI guitar"-- I didn't
_know_ there'd be a mailing list devoted to it, but I thought it pretty
likely.  Of course, that search turned up Paolo's Digital Guitar
Digest... and that's where I read about Looper's Delight... and my need
for paper publications has _greatly_ diminished. :-)
John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)