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LOOPING, remember?

It's actually completely against my nature to post this, but I'm a bit more
concerned about our own survival at the moment than free speech. Looper's
Delight is not exactly a highly regarded entity on my service provider, as
mailing lists apparently stress the mail servers. We already got blamed for
a server crash once, which wasn't our fault, but the list was turned off
for a week as a result.

So could we please veer back to the usual topic? We had a huge amount of
posts in the past 24 hours, a great many of which were not at all related
to the list topic. If we're gonna get booted, let's do it because we're
filling the bandwidth with discussions about looping. If you've drifted
well away from that, please try to police yourselves and continue in email
or the alt newsgroups.



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