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Re: help wanted -- technique tips, please

> This post is not about philosophy.


> I would like to sync up a repeating sampled riff (from Rhodes or
> telewanker), captured with an Echoplex DP, with the drummer.
> So far, I've tried playing the riff, letting it loop on a monitor near
> drum kit, and seeing if he can follow along.  Things quickly get too loud
> and we drift.

Plug the Echoplex into a mixer and make the drummer wear headphones. 
He/she will probably complain but at least he/she can turn it up as loud as
he/she wants.

> The question is: without MIDI clicks, how can a loop be synced into music
> with live drums?  I'm looking for new APPROACHES to this problem
> here...anyone?

Assuming the looping riff has a fairly constant tempo (i.e. loops around
smoothly) the drummer *should* be able to follow it -- assuming he/she can
heard it.  And it will take a fair amount of discipline on the drummers
part to *follow* the loop.  Remember that in typical bands, the drummer
sets the tempo, so having a drummer lock onto something else might take
some practice.
Good luck!


P.S.  BTW, playing with a MIDI click isn't as evil as it sounds.  The
drummer in my last band found it somewhat liberating....after he got the
hang of it.