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RE: help wanted -- technique tips, please

Occasionally, I work with a drummer and a keyboardist who uses MIDI 

I asked the drummer how he feels about playing with a computerized time 
source.  He said that the trick for him is to play a little quieter than 
the sequence.  This allows him to hear the timing of the sequence and lock 
into its beat.

Of course, his acoustic drum kit sounds much better than the sequenced 
drum track--to the point where I completely ignore the sequenced drums and 
lock into the real drums.

Mark Kata

From:   Matt McCabe[SMTP:mattm@bi-tech.com]
Sent:   Thursday, August 14, 1997 11:30 AM
To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
Subject:        Re: help wanted -- technique tips, please

> This post is not about philosophy.


> I would like to sync up a repeating sampled riff (from Rhodes or
> telewanker), captured with an Echoplex DP, with the drummer.
> So far, I've tried playing the riff, letting it loop on a monitor near
> drum kit, and seeing if he can follow along.  Things quickly get too loud
> and we drift.

Plug the Echoplex into a mixer and make the drummer wear headphones. 
He/she will probably complain but at least he/she can turn it up as loud as
he/she wants.

> The question is: without MIDI clicks, how can a loop be synced into music
> with live drums?  I'm looking for new APPROACHES to this problem
> here...anyone?

Assuming the looping riff has a fairly constant tempo (i.e. loops around
smoothly) the drummer *should* be able to follow it -- assuming he/she can
heard it.  And it will take a fair amount of discipline on the drummers
part to *follow* the loop.  Remember that in typical bands, the drummer
sets the tempo, so having a drummer lock onto something else might take
some practice.
Good luck!


P.S.  BTW, playing with a MIDI click isn't as evil as it sounds.  The
drummer in my last band found it somewhat liberating....after he got the
hang of it.