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Re: help wanted -- technique tips, please

>BTW: Travis Hartnett: you are obviously some guitar choade from Texas, the
>state of sixty million guys who play Strat in crappy blues bar bands.  You
>are in no position to make statements about the validity of keyboards as a
>solo instrument, in rock or any other "style".  Just because Joe Bob
>Billy's Stevie Ray Tribute Band (appearing live at the Spicy Iguana)
>doesn't have some bespectacled wonk behind a stack of keyboard gear and
>MIDI rack pieces, doesn't mean that guitars are just automatically WAY
>better as solo instruments, etc.  Please remain in Texas, land of
>endlessly-recycled electric blues played by sneering white guys.  We're 
>happier that way.
Ah.  It all makes sense now.

In recognition of the growing level of frustration regarding the keyboard 
thread, I've stopped commenting, but I will (briefly) respond to the 
I'm not trying to advance the theory that one instrument is superior to 
the other, nor that the residents of any particular geographical area are 
more or less cultured.  Such arguments reveal much about the poster, 
while doing little to address the subject at hand.
My initial motivation in the guitar/keyboards/other instruments debate 
was to try and get some insight into the keyboard culture.  Looper's 
Delight is seemingly dominated by guitarists, and I was hoping to get a 
break from the endless whining about how Lexicon or Oberheim should make 
great gear and sell it for peanuts, or how to use a Ground Control pedal 
to control either device, or how Robert Fripp should hang it up.  I hoped 
that among the members of LD, who share a common interest in one strange 
area of music, I could find some answers to questions that have puzzled 
me over the years, including how different instrumentalists approach 
their respective instrument.  Unfortunately, the discussion soon became 
bitter and defensive.
We now return to our regular scheduled program.

Travis Hartnett