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Re: help wanted -- technique tips, please

Russell Gorton has an interesting problem:

>I would like to sync up a repeating sampled riff (from Rhodes or
>telewanker), captured with an Echoplex DP, with the drummer.
>So far, I've tried playing the riff, letting it loop on a monitor near the
>drum kit, and seeing if he can follow along.  Things quickly get too loud
>and we drift.
>Then I tried using a momentary-switch pedal into the Beat sync jack, using
>Mute-Multiply to "trigger" the loop start with the pedal.  Let drummer 
>pedal.  This works, kinda, but there is ALWAYS a little delay between the
>pedal kick and the start of the loop.  We've tried many ways to anticipate
>this delay, record the loop differently, use a different make of pedal,
>etc.  Very frustrating.

Why dont you try to use his bass drum for syncing? Beat Sync accepts a
sound signal as a trigger, too. This way you dont just start together but
keep together afterwards.

Could it be that your pedal only triggers when let go (opening instead of
closing type) ?

Your problem maybe is not exactly a technical one. The Loop starts with
maximum 3 msec of delay after the trigger comes in, so this should not be
A possible problem is, how the (technical) loop start point is related to
the recorded riff. In other words, if you are used to press Record slighty
before the beat one for starting *and* stoping, you get a perfect loop as
long as you play alone, but the internal start point is registered somewhat
early. When the drummer hits the pedal, the loop starts at that point, not
where you played beat one.
You may check it by comparing the flash of the green dot to your sound, or
by listening to a single loop (MUTE-INSERT) to see whether your riff really
starts immediatly.

I see 4 ways move your "one beat" to the loop start point:

- correct after the recording with the StartPoint parameter (not reasonable
on stage)

- use trigger recording (parameter Threshold)

- train to hit the Record key not only in the correct rythm, but also
exactly at the one beat.

- let the drummer start and record the guitar riff synced to his trigger
pulse (set parameter Sync to "In" and press Record clearly before starting
to play). This is probably the most exact way, but maybe not how you want
to start your song.

Hope this helps. Please comuncate what you discover, I suppose its an
interesting case for many users.


>BTW: Travis Hartnett: you are obviously some guitar choade from Texas, the
>state of sixty million guys who play Strat in crappy blues bar bands.  ...
>Please remain in Texas...

Please do not say such things on the list, its too personal and ofending.