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> --Russell Gorton
> BTW: Travis Hartnett: you are obviously some guitar choade from Texas, 
> state of sixty million guys who play Strat in crappy blues bar bands.  
> are in no position to make statements about the validity of keyboards as 
> solo instrument, in rock or any other "style".  Just because Joe Bob
> Billy's Stevie Ray Tribute Band (appearing live at the Spicy Iguana)
> doesn't have some bespectacled wonk behind a stack of keyboard gear and
> MIDI rack pieces, doesn't mean that guitars are just automatically WAY
> better as solo instruments, etc.  Please remain in Texas, land of
> endlessly-recycled electric blues played by sneering white guys.  We're 
> happier that way.

Now now... I know Travis made some pretty provocative statements, but
please, let's not sink to this level.

Let's follow Kim's wishes for us to RESPECT each other.

BTW, on the topic of Ambient Effects, the review of the tc electronics 
G-Force appears in the latest Digital Guitar Digest.

Paolo Valladolid
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