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Re: help wanted -- technique tips, please

>--Russell Gorton
>BTW: Travis Hartnett: you are obviously some guitar choade from Texas, the
>state of sixty million guys who play Strat in crappy blues bar bands.  You
>are in no position to make statements about the validity of keyboards as a
>solo instrument, in rock or any other "style".  Just because Joe Bob
>Billy's Stevie Ray Tribute Band (appearing live at the Spicy Iguana)
>doesn't have some bespectacled wonk behind a stack of keyboard gear and
>MIDI rack pieces, doesn't mean that guitars are just automatically WAY
>better as solo instruments, etc.  Please remain in Texas, land of
>endlessly-recycled electric blues played by sneering white guys.  We're 
>happier that way.
>your statement says more of you and less of Travis. your message seems to
support the theory that not all the worlds retards are confined to Texas.

james rhodes
Stick/Keyboard/sneering/choade (damn now all i need is a Strat and a big