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Re: MIDI drum set

Ok guys....it's not looping but it is gear related. You should investigate
the work of a man from New Zealand named Philip Dadson. He has a group with
a couple/three CD's out. The group is called From Scratch. I attented a
rhythm workshop with him years ago.

>From Scratch is a group/concept derived from Cornelius Cardew's Scratch
Orchestra in England. ( Cardew was a heavy influence on Brian Eno, whom if
we know our loop history showed Robert Fripp the tape loop system with two
revoxes.And yes please don't flame me, I know that Terry Riley also
discovered this. Not the first time in history that two people continents
apart discovered similar concepts......hmmmm how many people cooked with
fire, etc....)

Anyhow From Scratch makes there own instruments. Dadson uses PVC pipes.
They are tuned and mounted in rows, along with other percussive sources. He
has no heads on them. He uses a " paddle" (very similar in appearance to a
ping pong paddle) to strike the tubes. I'm not sure where you might mount
your MIDI trigger, but this may be worth investigating.

Dadson was written up many years ago in a wonderful journal called The
Journal of Experimental Musical Instruments. They acheived some fame this
year with the publication of a book and CD combo. I've subscribed for years
after the University of Maryland Music Library stopped there subscription.
They also have a web site. Good luck.


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