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Re: MIDI drum set

Patrick Smith wrote, in part:
> Ok guys....it's not looping but it is gear related. You should 
> the work of a man from New Zealand named Philip Dadson.

[interesting stuff snipped, regretfully]

> Anyhow From Scratch makes there own instruments. Dadson uses PVC pipes.
> They are tuned and mounted in rows, along with other percussive sources. 
> has no heads on them. He uses a " paddle" (very similar in appearance to 
> ping pong paddle) to strike the tubes. I'm not sure where you might mount
> your MIDI trigger, but this may be worth investigating.
> Dadson was written up many years ago in a wonderful journal called The
> Journal of Experimental Musical Instruments.  [snip]
> They also have a web site. Good luck.

I've been toying with the idea of PVC pipe for instruments myself, so
this really tickled me.  I went looking for the Web site, and didn't
find it (got the URL handy?).  What I did find tickled me just as much--
the Web site for the I-Cube system.  I quote the introductory blurb:

"Expand your horizons with the I-Cube, the ultimate Midi controller for
musicians, DJs, dancers and interactive artists. The I-Cube lets you
control your Midi set-up using almost any surface, space or movement.
Capture body heat, distance, illumination, even G-Force and have that
signal translated into Midi!"

There's a lotta detail, and prices seem  reasonable (i.e., a _lot_ less
than I would have expected, though still beyond my means).  Site is at
John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)