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Apologies, thanks, etc.

I would like to apologize for my petulant provocation of Texas guitar
subculture.  No excuse, really.

It is unfortunate that lists go through "flurry" phases like that where a
lot of hot air is blown around to no avail.  I, too, find it rather
difficult to explain ANY of my musical philosophy and feeling via ASCII
text.  All we can do is keep trying to share and learn and grow and play
nice.  Yes, personal irritants will surface in postings....this isn't an
ideal way to confer...would be MUCH more fun and enjoyable to have a
"loopers' summit" and hang out for a day in a space where we could show
each other our music, not just words.

THANKS as well for the tips on how to sync up loops with a live drummer.  I
really appreciate the variety of responses to my question...certainly the
kind of thing that makes this list WORK.  BTW, my next bet is headphones,
big over-the-ear jobbers, with the loop pounding away in the drummer's
ears.  He'll catch on.

Kim, listmom, wrote:
>Mean people also cause mass unsubscriptions to the list. A whole bunch of
>people left over the past few days. Sadly, at least one of them is a dj.
>Probably he could have answered some questions that people have, had he 
>asked politely rather than being challenged to defend his existence.

That was probably what provoked me in the first place...the sense that the
GuitarMajority was on some sort of cleansing mission, to purge the list of
non-believers.  Sure, I'll admit that EVH's Eruption changed the way many
view the electric guitar.  But, partly as a result of that, electric rock
guitar is now essentially a commodity item in the music world.  Thankfully,
there are guys out there (many of them on this list) trying to push the

--Russell Gorton