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Re: Apologies, thanks, etc.

>THANKS as well for the tips on how to sync up loops with a live drummer.  
>really appreciate the variety of responses to my question...certainly the
>kind of thing that makes this list WORK.  BTW, my next bet is headphones,
>big over-the-ear jobbers, with the loop pounding away in the drummer's
>ears.  He'll catch on.

There's a thing called Drumphones, which look similiar to shooter's 
muffs, in that they seal out almost all noise from the outside.  
Drumphones have headphone speakers mounted inside, so that you can get a 
headphone mix with very little bleed from the outside.  I use them in the 
studio so that I can stand in front of a loud amp without having to crank 
the headphones so loud that they distort, make me deaf, or blow.  I've 
seen them advertised in Modern Drummer.

Travis Hartnett