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Additional JamMan memory upgrades $65

No one should have to suffer with only 8 seconds of loop time anymore!

Since a few people responded, I decided to go ahead and buy some more. I
should receive them late next week. So, if anybody else wants JamMan
memory, please let me know and send along your surface mail address.
(Please respond directly to me at seligman@mitre.org and not to the whole
Loopers-Delight list. Thanks.)

For those wanting technical details, these come in sets of four 1M x 4 bit
Motorola ZIP ICs, part number MCM54400AZ (70 nanoseconds). 

Happy looping,
Len Seligman

>>I have an extra set of Motorola memory ICs for the JamMan which upgrade 
>>from 8 to 32 seconds of looping. I installed a set without any problem,
>>following the instructions in the JamMan manual.
>>Lexicon charges around $175 a set, but I found these at a chip graveyard;
>>the only hitch was I had to buy a bunch of chips.
>>I only have one set left, however, if multiple people respond and are
>>interested, I could make another buy.
>>Please respond directly to me and not to the whole list.
>>Len Seligman