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Re: Guitar good,etc,Now Jobson Solo

In a message dated 8/13/97 1:35:31 PM, somebody wrote:

<<>There is also Eddie Jobson's "Presto Vivace" from his UK days. 
>An amazing piece.
>    Doug Michael
 Also his solo on Zappa's "I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth" from Live
In New York [the title track of Lather is the same]. A beautiful song.>>

You can also add his Minimoog solo on the track "Rondevous 6:02" from the
live "Night After Night" album, and the semi-solo synth piece, "Alaska" 
the original UK album.....

Jobson was in the position to grasp the torch of keyboard playing from the
failing hands of Emerson and Wakeman, but the demise of the popularity of
"progressive rock" caused him to go into writing commercial jingles after
1985. No one else has even come close to his abilities and musicality 
Well, he did win some Clio awards....but I can't help feeling disappointed 
the seemingly massive waste of an enourmous talent.

Marshall (out of lurk mode, keyboardist for 20-some years, guitarist for 3)