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Re: Guitar good,etc,Now Jobson Solo

Oh yes, I fell in love with this guy when he joined Curved Air in "73,
almost a kid, for their "Metamorphosis" album.

I also loved Hammer and Patrick Moraz a lot, but the best MiniMoog players
for me is Kit Watkins of "Happy the Man".

Why is it we are talking about this old stuff? :-)


><<>There is also Eddie Jobson's "Presto Vivace" from his UK days.
>>An amazing piece.
>>    Doug Michael
> Also his solo on Zappa's "I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth" from Live
>In New York [the title track of Lather is the same]. A beautiful song.>>
>You can also add his Minimoog solo on the track "Rondevous 6:02" from the
>live "Night After Night" album, and the semi-solo synth piece, "Alaska" 
>the original UK album.....
>Jobson was in the position to grasp the torch of keyboard playing from the
>failing hands of Emerson and Wakeman, but the demise of the popularity of
>"progressive rock" caused him to go into writing commercial jingles after
>1985. No one else has even come close to his abilities and musicality 
>Well, he did win some Clio awards....but I can't help feeling 
>disappointed by
>the seemingly massive waste of an enourmous talent.
>Marshall (out of lurk mode, keyboardist for 20-some years, guitarist for