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Re: new instruments

>There are some African instruments that use a padded type of Ping Pong
>paddle (cloth wrapped over some thin foam, all, over the wooden paddle?)

Old beach type foam shoes are used, too.

>slapped across the top of some clay pots. The padding seals the strike
>against the sometimes uneven surface of the pot rim. The trapped air makes
>a very full, low sound. I had thought that these were air tight except for
>the top, but maybe they had a hole in them. Anyway, the PVC tubing may
>create the same effect. The softness of the paddle would prevent the harsh
>sound of another hard object striking the open rim of the plastic. Think
>I'll give it a go. Let everyone know.

Thats it! Bira gave me a clay pot similar to the ones used in Africa. It
turned into my favourite instrument. I play it just by hands, though. There
is a second hole on the side of the pot which is smaller than my palm, so I
can hiting and releasing it creates one bass sound, hitting and keeping it
closed another. There are more bass sounds by closing one hole partially
while hitting the other. If you close one whole totaly, the vibration
happens one octave below in the pot (or tube, in your case) but it hardly
does not radiate.

There are plenty treble sounds by hiting or caressing the clay in various
I glued in a piezo which captures perfectly the treble sounds. Now I need
to place a mic in the right spot to get the bass without feedbacking. It
will also capture the sound with one hole closed.

I am also fascinated by the fact that the instrument only costs $ 3.

It fascinates me to have the range of a whole drum set in a little suit
case to lay down some rhythm in the loop (I just have to learn to play it
better ;-)