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Re: new instruments


There are some African instruments that use a padded type of Ping Pong
paddle (cloth wrapped over some thin foam, all, over the wooden paddle?)
slapped across the top of some clay pots. The padding seals the strike
against the sometimes uneven surface of the pot rim. The trapped air makes
a very full, low sound. I had thought that these were air tight except for
the top, but maybe they had a hole in them. Anyway, the PVC tubing may
create the same effect. The softness of the paddle would prevent the harsh
sound of another hard object striking the open rim of the plastic. Think
I'll give it a go. Let everyone know. 

At 11:56 PM 8/17/97 -0300, Matthias Grob wrote:
>Patrick tells us:
>>Anyhow From Scratch makes there own instruments. Dadson uses PVC pipes.
>>They are tuned and mounted in rows, along with other percussive sources. 
>>has no heads on them. He uses a " paddle" (very similar in appearance to 
>>ping pong paddle) to strike the tubes. I'm not sure where you might mount
>>your MIDI trigger, but this may be worth investigating.
>Do they strike the end of the tubes to create the bass sound of the
>vibrating air in the tube?
>UAKTI, a very amazing band from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) do that for a long
>time. They lead all tubes into a box where they put a microphone - a
>beautifull bass instrument: quick, percussive and melodic. They have some
>CD distributed in the US or even worldwide. There are many other
>instruments they created using glass, water, rubber membranes on flutes,,,
>No looping. Straight compositions, fast rhythms, almost classic style,